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Apparently Jeff Bezos and Oprah are big advocates of waking up naturally, without an alarm clock. 

Everyone knows of someone affected by depression and that’s why there are thousands of products out there claiming to increase your mood. Herbs, oils, supplements, energy drinks can all claim a magic cure for the illness but you don’t have to invest into this billion dollar industry.

Invest in your gym bag. Exercise. A study, published in the journal “Depression and Anxiety,” looked at the relationship between working out and depression and found exercising was associated with decreased bouts of melancholy. Just 35 minutes of daily exercise reduced the chances of experiencing depression by 17% for as long as two years. This includes people that were genetically predisposed to mental illness.

You may be thinking “That’s great, but I am depressed now and have no motivation to work out. So thanks but no thanks.” You’re not alone. A study published in “Psychological Medicine” says depressed moods and high stress are the biggest barriers to exercise in people with severe mental illnesses.

If you want to start working out to kick your depressions butt all you need to do is ask for help. Literally. A study from Health Psychology found that the best way to increase physical activity with people prone to depression is to get them to a therapist and increase their support from friends and family. Reach out to max out!

Source: BUSTLE