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Amber in Gastonia played for the first time this morning and tied LauRen 5-5! Ties stay in the house so LauRen just got her 7th win!

  1. Happy 52nd birthday to David Guetta! True or false: He is a DJ/producer? True


  1. John Cena has granted more “Make-A-Wishes” than any celebrity in history. He’s granted 600 wishes so far over the past 2 decades. What sport organization is he a champion in? WWE


  1. More artists have been added to the list of performers for the American Music Awards including the girlfriend of Shawn Mendes…what’s her name? Camila Cabello


  1. Lady Gaga sat down with Oprah Winfrey & talked about her Oscar performance of Shallow with Bradley Cooper. What movie did they star in together sparking love rumors? A Star Is Born


  1. Mariah Carey got paid $11 million for a Christmas chip commercial. What is the name of her iconic Christmas song that we played last week first? All I Want For Christmas Is You