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It’s great hot, it’s great cold, it pleases meat lovers, vegetarians, Hawaiians, and it comes thick, thin, stuffed, and whatever Chicago is doing. P-i-z-z-a…PIZZA! It’s what 40% of Americans eat once a week and it’s basically scientifically impossible to resist.

Humans are naturally drawn to fatty, sweet, rich and complex foods and pizza is all of this and more. It’s packed with a compound called “glutamate” and when that hits our tongues, it makes our brain do a happy dance, and crave more.

Then there are the chemical reactions that happen in the oven. First, caramelization happens when the sugars become brown and on pizza, this happens on ingredients like onions and tomatoes. When they caramelize, they make the pizza rich, sweet and flavorful.

And you can thank the “Maillard reaction” for your meats and cheeses turning brown. This happens when the amino acids in these high-protein treats react with their own sugars. That’s what makes your pepperoni crispy, your cheese bubbly, and makes your mouth the happiest place on earth.

Now concludes your pizza science lesson. Any questions? Anyone else really want a slice now? 

Source: Washington Post