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My birthday was over the weekend (Sunday, Nov. 3) and for the past month I have been teased saying that I had a Saturday morning surprise. The only hints that were given to me is that I need to dress comfortable with laced up tennis shoes and I can’t be hungover.

With those tips…sounds like something athletic right? So living in Charlotte I’m thinking about what it could possibly be. My first initial thoughts were…zip lining at the White Water Center, going on a hike at Crowder’s Mountain or going indoor rock climbing at Inner Peaks. All of which I would have really been excited for. Turns out…I WENT INDOOR SKYDIVING!

That’s right… Charlotte truly does have a lot of activities that a lot of other cities don’t have to offer. We went to iFly Charlotte which is legit right across from Concord Mills Mall and WOW! It’s safe to say that I’m now obsessed with it, will be going back to get better and will also be looking forward to actual skydiving one day.

I’m not gonna lie, when we rolled up to the facility I was super nervous. You could see the huge tunnel from the outside, and that was really intimidating…then when you walk in, you see that you are going to be with a group of people, and there is a viewing area so there could be anywhere from 10+ people watching you. Fun fact about me…I hate being bad at stuff. I think it’s because of my sports background but I am super competitive!

10/10 would recommend checking out iFly in Concord! Our instructor’s name was Willow and he was the best. He had a great attitude and was so well informed about everything. His positivity really made me forget about how nervous I was. The process was so reassuring. You get in…you get “suited up” and then you watch a video. Then you get inside the tunnel and you go! I got the “high flight” which means you get to go higher and with the instructor, which was AWESOME! Then at the end the instructor gets a minute to do their thing and they are so impressive it was so fun to watch. I’m 28 and the youngest person in my group was probably around 6 and the oldest person in my group was probably around 70! It really is perfect for all ages!

I will definitely be going back!

Check out my pic & video below:

If you’re reading this…thank you Kylie for a great birthday surprise 🙂