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circa 1955: A teenage boy receives a parental lecture in the kitchen of the tiny apartment he shares with his father in a New York tenement. (Photo by Carl Purcell/Three Lions/Getty Images)

Aleisha Stubley recently took her boyfriend home to meet her family and was completely mortified when her dad handed her bae a nine question long, laminated list of questions. Now, you may have had a parent ask you some probing questions before but this guy takes the cake. This dad’s “son-in-law material” test asked everything from his intentions to his past sexual partners…and even his porn history.

Do you think you could pass the test?

I remember my Dad would put my brother in law through tons of “mini tests”. It was so bad, we even went on my sisters first date. My brother in law was so nervous he spilled his drink all over me and then he wrecked his car against a telephone pole leaving the restaurant!