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Most of us have had our fair share of landing a good job after college, or having a baby or taking care of our parents, maybe a layoff and even after incarceration. The good news is Mecklenburg County Re-Entry Services facilitated a seamless opportunity to transition into stable employment, service engagement and continuing education. They had an event with a pretty good turnout. If you weren’t at the job fair on November 4, 2019, here’s an update. It was called Work It Charlotte Job Fair brought local employers and job seekers together at the Valerie C Woodard Conference Center. The job fair is the first partnership event for the City of Charlotte’s Neighborhood and Housing Services, Mecklenburg County’s Unified Workforce Development Program and Re-Entry Partners of Mecklenburg (a network of agencies, businesses, and community members serving people with criminal histories). The job fair was open to all Mecklenburg County residents and has made a concerted effort to include employers willing to hire people with histories. The partnership hopes to improve the economic mobility for residents, with or without records, and since employment is a top insulator against criminal behavior, linking people with records to employers, we’re improving the stereotype scenario. Lastly, this job fair event offered access to approximately 35 employers, on-site job fair tips sessions, online application assistance and on-site interview area for employers. Check out thier website if you’re curious.

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