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AUDUBON - APRIL 26: The Audubon High School football field where former star quarterback Joe Flacco played sits empty April 26, 2008 in Audubon, New Jersey. Flacco was selected in the first round of the NFL Draft by the Baltimore Ravens as the 18th pick overall. (Photo by Jeff Fusco/Getty Images for Reebok)

Going into this week LauRen, Roy & Producer Nicole were tied at 9-1 while  Maney sits in last place at 7-3.

Our week 11 picks were:


  • Charlotte Country Day vs. Christ School


  • Weddington vs. Monroe


  • Northwest Cabarrus vs. Concord

Producer Nicole:

  • North Lincoln vs. Lincolnton


& how did everybody do? We all added a win to our records!

Maney’s team (Charlotte Country Day) lost 20-27…making him 7-4.

LauRen’s team (Weddington) won 45-13…advancing her to 10-1.

Roy’s team (Northwest Cabarrus) won 42-13…advancing him to 10-1.

Producer Nicole’s team (North Lincoln) won 49-7…advancing her to 10-1.


We’ve still got a few more weeks left in our tournament…even though Maney is in last place, there is still time for LauRen, Roy or Producer Nicole to add a loss or two to their records. Stay tuned!