Halloween Tips and Tricks

Halloween is almost over but don’t throw away your pumpkins just yet. Here’s why.

You may be used to using kettlebells, dumbbells or medicine balls for your workout session but you can switch things up with a festive pumpkin. It’s really an inexpensive way to shed some sweat this cool season and most importantly, keep fit. You don’t even have to go to the gym, you can work out right in your home and still burn calories.

Do you want to do a Double Push-Up or a couple of Sit-Ups? Perfect, all you need is a pumpkin and you’re good to go. Have a yoga mat laid out in a spacious area in your home and grab a fresh pumpkin to use as a dumbbell. You can practically use a pumpkin for sumo and goblet squats, twisting and side lunges, overhead triceps extension or any exercise that you love to do.

The pumpkin will pretty much give you the same result as a dumbbell or medicine ball would. Don’t let the Halloween candies and calories weigh you down, do a few pumpkin workouts to maintain a healthy and fit body.