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Yesterday I spent an hour and a half at the Verizon store trying to upgrade my current iPhone to the iPhone 11 pro or pro max! However, I couldn’t make a decision about which one I wanted. So, I ended up leaving empty-handed but while I was there I did get to check out the new AirPod Pro! Who knew? I feel like the new phone totally overshadowed these! Here’s how the new air pods different from the old.

It seems like, with Apple, every month comes with its own surprise package, from the new iPhone 11 pro to the newest line of AirPods Pro. Apple doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Apple recently announced its launch of the latest Airpods, which is the Airpod Pro. The cool features of the Airpods Pro are what distinguishes it from the rest.

Just in case you’re wondering what’s the difference between AirPods Pro and the other Airpods, here’s a highlight.

It is a Noise-Cancelling Airpod Pro: According to Apple, the Airpod pro is the only in-ear headphone with active noise cancellation. It simply prevents background noise from disturbing what you’re listening to. It has an outward-facing microphone that senses external noise and blocks it with anti-noise. You can also change to the transparency mode and the AirPods Pro would let the external noise in. I got to try these yesterday and they are amazing!

  • Audio Sharing: You can listen to the same song with someone who also has
  • It is sweat and water-resistant
  • It has an advanced sound quality with Adaptive EQ. It will automatically tune songs to the shape of your ear.
  • With the case, you can charge wirelessly and enjoy a battery life of over 24 hours.
  • It provides up to 4.5 hours of listening time and 1 hour of listening time when you charge it for only 5 minutes.
  • It also comes with three sizes of silicone ear tips.
  • You can Engrave your name, initials, or phone number on the Airpod for free.

There are lots more great features, which this Airpod Pro has, and you can get it for $249.00 on their Apple website.

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