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Care to go on a spooky road venture today? These are the top haunted places in North Carolina which is an easy drive! I’d bring a friend, I wouldn’t want to be caught alone in these spots!


  • The Demon Dog, Valle Crucis, N.C. — A demonic dog jumping out from a headstone and chasing cars is said to keep traffic moving in this Watauga County town.
  • Paint Rock, Hot Springs, N.C. — The siren song of a maiden has lured the unsuspecting to a watery death, the legend says.
  • Lydia’s Bridge, Greensboro, N.C. — The spirit of a woman who died during a car crash has been seen trying to flag down help and has been known to try to hitch a ride home, only to disappear.
  • USS North Carolina, Wilmington, N.C. — Several ghosts have reportedly been seen on the battleship, including a soldier who died in a washroom during a torpedo strike.
  • Queens University, Charlotte, N.C. — Students report spooky door openings and sounds, which have been blamed on the spirit of a student who committed suicide.
  • Teach’s Hole, Ocracoke, N.C. — In 1718, Blackbeard the pirate lost his head in a fierce battle along the shoreline of Ocracoke in the Outer Banks, and reportedly can be heard searching for it along the beach ever since.
  • The Great Dismal Swamp, Northern Border, N.C. — Strange lights and ghostly mists have been reported in this 112,000 acre swamp along the Virginia border.
  • The Biltmore Estate, Asheville, N.C. — Whispers in the library, a headless cat and the faint echoes of long-ago splashing in the mansion’s swimming pool are some of the ghostly activity reported at one of North Carolina’s most famous landmarks.
  • Old Davis Hospital, Statesville, N.C. — The sounds of babies can be heard crying in what was once the pediatric ward of this old, abandoned hospital in Iredell County.
  • The Devil’s Tramping Ground, Chatham County, N.C. — Outside of Greensboro, a barren 40-foot circle where nothing will grow is said to be the Devil’s pacing circle.
  • The Brown Mountain Lights, Linville, N.C. — Unexplained lights hovering over a mountain peak have sparked long held local debate about potentially paranormal activity.
  • The Grove Park Inn, Asheville, N.C. — The spirit of a woman who fell to her death in the hotel’s atrium in 1920s is said to have never checked out.

Source: Haunted Rooms America