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Should you call up the spirits of loved ones who have passed on? Is it safe?  For some strange reason, you’ll find people more interested in connecting with spirits in the month of October. So how do you safely communicate with them? Prepare their favorite meals, think of those great memories that make you feel loved. Gianna Spriggs was interviewed on the Francene Marie Show abut her gift of being a Curandera. When you find a wise Curandera, you’re in for a real treat! So what is a Curandera? A Curandero or curandero is a traditional native healer mostly found in Latin America, the United States and Southern Europe. The Curandero’s life is dedicated to the administration of remedies for mental, emotional, physical and spiritual illnesses. Spriggs explained how to connect with loved ones, ways to heal self and ways to think of changing perspectives when you feel stuck.  Take a listen to The Francene Marie Show featuring Gianna Spriggs.


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