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What a sad, sad day. LauRen started her week off yesterday with a win, and then got stumped on question number five…so is now back to 0 wins. Congrats to Emily in Rock Hill who knew #5 and walked away with a win!

  1. The California wildfires are raging on and celebrities are among the thousands that are evacuating the state. The Terminator movie premiere even had to be canceled…who plays the terminator? Arnold Schwarzenegger


  1. Alex Trebek reached out to a special fan, who was so crushed to hear about his battle with pancreatic cancer. The two got to chat on the phone – Alex is the longtime host of what show? Jeopardy


  1. Jennifer Garner is upset but is still supporting her ex after his sobriety slip. Who is her ex? Ben Affleck


  1. Congrats to Jake HaldenVang who made it past the battle round on Team Gwen on WHAT show? The Voice


  1. Jennifer Aniston was on the Ellen show & had to shut down rumors of a “Friends” reboot where she plays what character? Rachel