Only Eat Factory-Wrapped Treats --- Yeah, it's great that people want to offer up healthy alternatives or home made treats, but it's not the safest option. Opposite idea, if you'd rather not hand out candy, hand out non-food related items.

Halloween is already three days away. And as you may have already done your Halloween parties (if you’re an adult) like we have, then Halloween to you may already seem over. Just last year folks were trying to push to have Halloween land on the last Saturday of October. That didn’t sit well with folks who are fans of the “31st” date. I myself am not either. The big thing is the trick or treater’s If Halloween lands during the week parents tend to head out to get candy earlier because of school nights.

Well now a new petition is out there to not move Halloween’s date itself but just the day to actually go “Trick or treating”. They are pushing to move the day to the last Saturday. So far the petition has over 150,000 signatures.

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