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Haunted House Halloween Decorations

Each year for Halloween retired lawyer Richard Milan transforms his spooky home, built in 1881, into an attraction. Without the decorations the house has a certain “spook” image, but add in the decorations and your little trick or treaters will certainly be in for a treat.

His house is so popular that he has to buy 4,000 pieces of candy to cover roughly 2,000 trick-or-treaters.

After reading about this house on Charlotte Agenda, I was surprised to discover that Milan does all the decorations himself. You’ll see skeleton horses pulling hearses in carriages as witches and ghosts congregate on the porch. There’s a pirate graveyard in one corner of the yard. Every few minutes, an animatronic ghoul pops out from some hidden spot, chattering its teeth and screeching.

His decorations are such a success, not only do Charlotteans take photos in front of the house, but he spots some out oft owners as well.

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