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Starting Halloween week with a spooky 13 wins!

  1. JWoww is in hot water after dressing her kids up was Danny & Sandy from “Grease” & even giving them fake cigarettes to go along with their costumes. You know JWoww from what MTV reality show? Jersey Shore


  1. Jessica Biel admitted last week on The Tonight Show that she really didn’t know any of her husband’s songs from his iconic boy band days. What boy band was JT a part of? NSYNC


  1. This recently married Canadian pop star put up an IG post yesterday saying if it got 20 million likes, he would drop a new album before Christmas. Who are we talking about? Justin Bieber


  1. Liam Payne shared that he doesn’t think a One Direction reunion will happen for at least two years, and if it doesn’t happen he doesn’t think Zayn will be a part of it. True or false: Zayn was the first one to leave the band in 2015? True


  1. One of Miley Cyrus’ friends spoke out saying that she wouldn’t be surprised if her and her ex husband got back together again because in her heart she feels they are destined for each other. Who is her ex husband? Liam Hemsworth