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While it’s common to see a bunch of ghosts floating around during the holiday season, they’re not something you want to encounter when it comes to dating. In the dating world, ghosting refers somone stopping all communication with the person they were dating with no warning or reason, and apparently a lot of folks are guilty of it. A new Dating.com survey finds:

  • 72% of singles say they’ve ghosted someone they were casually dating
  • 78% of ghosters say they would likely do it again
  • 92% of people have been a victim of ghosting.

According to the survey, 48% of those who have been ghosted still have no idea why it happened. So, why do people resort to ghosting?

  • 63% of ghosters simply lost interest.
  • 45% say they ghosted following a first date because there wasn’t a connection.
  • 15% say it was because their date looked different in person than they did online.
  • 88% of ghosters simply believe cutting off communication is easier than actually confronting an individual

I’ve been ghosted many times. I think ghosting became more mainstream with dating apps. When I was on Tinder I remember that majority of the people were too afraid to make the first communication and then the moment that the conversation got stale, instant ghosting. If you think you are being ghosted, look at these tips.

  • Your responses from the ghoster start becoming sporadic.
  • Text exchanges offer little room for the conversation to continue to grow.
  • The person you are seeing is rarely available and stops asking you to hang out.
  • The potential ghoster stops liking your social media posts.

Source: Yahoo Finance