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No matter what healthy research comes out I will still snack between meals. Some days are so busy that I snack instead of eating big meals, but I’ve found that it can lead to overeating and indulging in the chips and dips that are everyone’s go-to. There are store-bought snacks you can eat and not feel guilty. 

  • Seaweed chips! Don’t turn your nose up to it yet. Depending on your taste-buds, they taste like potato chips because they’re salty and crunchy! 
  • Fruit bars! Be careful when picking these out, some have endless amounts of sugar, and then there’s of energy bars to choose from.
  • Peanut butter! Some peanuts are extremely processed so when shopping for it, try to get nut butter instead. They’re all-natural and the sugars are natural too. 
  • Multigrain chips! Find chips that aren’t as fat-filled, like your potato chips. 
  • Quinion puffs! They taste almost identical to your Cheetos, and sort of a healthier choice. 
  • Dark chocolate! You can get away with snacking on chocolate as long as you make sure it is dark. Dark chocolate has many benefits like improving blood flow!
There are so many ways to snack and curve your craving while remaining health. Remember, the only thing you have control over is what you put in your body. Feed it well!


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