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Halloween Tips and Tricks

I love all things that have to do with the spooky season, including haunted houses…but I’m gonna pass on this one.

McKamey Manor is located in the state right next door to us in Summertown, Tennessee and bills itself as the scariest haunted attraction in America. How scary? No one is allowed in without passing a physical and signing a 40-page waiver. Oh, and anyone attempting must also pass a drug test and background check, show proof of medical insurance, and watch a two-hour movie of past ‘victims’ who quit before completing the tour. Whew.

Owner, Russ McKamey, says no one has ever made it the whole way through the Manor, but whoever does gets a whopping $20,000. According to Russ, each experience is specifically tailored to that person’s fears. Anyone up for a road trip?! Check out their website here.