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Puking pumpkin chips and dip display

Halloween is a time of year to get creative, not just in the choice of your costume but also in how you make snacks. Every Halloween, we throw an adult get together with our neighbors after the kids go to bed and every time I get really excited when planning the event. So this year, I’ll be making a puking pumpkin chips and dip display (chill, it’s not as gross as it sounds).

With a medium-sized pumpkin, a carving tool, your favorite chips and dip combo, you are equipped to create a spooky Halloween party snack. 

  • First thing first, cut the top of the pumpkin and remove all the guts in it to create the jack-o’-lantern. Next, carve out whatever pumpkin facial expression you want on the outside but ensure you create a round mouth to portray the puking impression. Then set it on a serving tray.
  • For the dip, I’d be using a guacamole, mostly for its color (it’ll seem the most like puke). Next, add a little dip inside the mouth of your carved out pumpkin and afterward gradually pour the dip in a long line so it looks like your pumpkin is actually puking.
  • The final step is to surround the spooky jack-o’-lantern display with your favorite chips.

I’m sure my neighbors are going to love it and probably won’t stop talking about it.