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(Photo by Rob Kim/Getty Images)

Be honest: every once in awhile, you bail on a date or tell someone you’re already taken. Lies just come up sometimes, but it’s so awkward to get caught in one! We could all use a refresher on our lying skills.

So, how to fake it until you make it? Here are some tips on how to make it through your next white lie:

  • DON’T make weird eye contact — Looking at someone right in the eye actually makes them suspicious of you. Avert your gaze, but not too much.
  • Control your hands — Using GIANT hand gestures makes it obvious that you’re nervous. Calm down!
  • Stand tall — Backing away from someone or shuffling your feet is a dead giveaway. Hang tight and the convo will end soon!

The next time you need to lie to your boss, new boo, or BFF, be prepared. Go in with a game plan, and remember, body language is everything!