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LauRen has ended the week with 7 wins! Let’s see if she can get to double digits next week. Study this weekend and play next week Monday through Friday at 7:35am!

  1. Jennifer Garner posted her mammogram on Instagram for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Which ex husband does she have kids with? Ben Affleck


  1. The other week it was Justin Bieber getting married & this weekend it’s this ‘Hunger Games’ star turn. Which actress is getting married this weekend who previously played Katniss Everdeen? Jennifer Lawrence


  1. Rumors have been floating around about Coldplay releasing a new album next month after updating their Twitter with a new image. Who is the lead singer for the band? Chris Martin


  1. What classic movie musical is reportedly getting a spinoff show to be hosted on HBO Max, based in the original movie’s ‘Rydell High?’ Grease


  1. Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey, stars from ‘The Office’, have started their own podcast based on the show, called “Office Ladies”. Who plays Michael Scott, the boss character from the show? Steve Carell