Halloween Tips and Tricks

Haunted houses are fun and games but were interested in some real haunts in the Carolinas. Here is a list of real haunted places in the Triangle area you can check out. Be careful though…it may scare the LIFE out of you.

The Carolina Inn is located in Chapel Hill and allows guests to spend the night with some of the ghosts permanently residing there. The Inn was built in 1924 and is home to one of the most active ghosts, Dr. William Jacocks. Don’t worry though, he is a friendly ghost who likes a good laugh.

The Historic Oakwood Cemetary is 150 years old in Raleigh Cemetary and has an angelic gravestone that has eyes that watch you. From some locals, I’ve heard its true. The carved angel rests above the gave of Etta Rebeca White.

The Graveyard at Dorothea Dix Park is a creepy cemetery where the previous Dorothea Dix Hospital that housed the mentally ill in 1856. The located closed in 2012 but those patients don’t like to be forgotten…

North Carolina State Capitol in Raleigh has had reports of screaming, doors slamming, footsteps, keys jingling and even books falling to the floor. It was built in 1840 and though politics is scary in itself, those from 160 years ago are even more frightening. You can see some stories here.

The Devil’s Tramping Ground is in Bear Creek and a circle area trapped between grass in Chatham County. As the legend goes, if you place anything in the circle, the next day it will be thrown out. The reason why? Well, it’s simply so that the devil has some room to dance. Some who have ventured to the spot have said to see red glowing eyes in the circle…

Crybaby Lane is tucked away off of Bilyeu Street in Raleigh. All you need to do is take a drive down Western Boulevard headed downtown. Back in 1958, an orphanage was burned down and the souls of those gone still linger there. Some say the smell of smoke will fill the night air.

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