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If all your exes look the same, this story’s for you! Everyone has a type of person they’re into, BUT the same old thing usually get us nowhere (especially if you’re wondering why you’ve had 100 first dates and not much else). You could totally mix it up next time you take someone out! Here are some ways to try to push yourself:

  • Recognize your patterns — Always go for blondes? Make special note of your brunette crushes! Realize who you usually end up with, and seek the opposite!
  • Keep an open mind — Just because your next date isn’t a clone of your ex, doesn’t mean they’re not for you. In fact, this could be they’re a perfect match!
  • Remember the important stuff — You might love dating tall guys, but remind yourself that the most important part is finding a match who has a good heart and truly cares about you.

So next time you’re looking for a potential partner or hookup, consider breaking out of your “type.” There are so many different kinds of people in the world! When you branch out, you’ll learn a lot about yourself too.

Do you have a “type?” What is it? Let us know @themrlshow and tell us your favorite flavor of lover…

Steffan Mold