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So I thought my son Cashton was a big baby tipping the scales at 8.3-pounds! I can’t even imagine having a baby much bigger than that, but one Australian woman recently did the unthinkable.

Remi Frances Millar was 12.9-pounds when she was delivered in Sydney, Australia. Ya’ll, THAT IS A 13 POUND BABY!!!!! Her family was more than surprised by her size, especially since she was born two weeks early.

Parents Emma and Daniel Millar knew their new bundle of joy may be on the larger side because their two previous kids were also big babies.

Their daughter was born weighing 12.1-pounds and son was the smallest of the three at 8.3-pounds. (Her smallest baby was Cash’s size)

Remi, who was delivered via emergency C-section, was so big that the baby clothes her parents bought her didn’t even fit.“At 35 weeks an ultrasound revealed she was about 8.8-pounds. Dangggggg!