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Road trips and plane flights can be stressful for kids. They feel cramped during long trips cause kids can’t keep calm unless you give them something to keep busy. Therefore, as moms, we have to help uplift them from meltdowns and frankly speaking, give ourselves a stress-free trip. There are some travel hacks every mom should know when picking the right essentials for entertaining kids. Here are some of the things that work for Cashton and me when we travel.

  • Have several pouches for different items

Organization is key! I always find it easier to find things when they have different compartments for items. For example, one pouch can be for entertainment items like some favorite story-time books and an iPad, while another can be for diapers and wipes.

  • Always carry snacks for distractions

Distraction snacks are what I like to carry when traveling because they come in handy when Cash doesn’t want to eat real food. Brace yourself with a couple of their favorite snacks. Veggie chips, bananas, and crackers work well for us. Just keep them from getting hangry.

  • Trick them with Pj’s

This hack always does wonders. Put them in their PJs, feed them dinner and watch how fast they fall asleep. This is the ultimate guide for travel, especially overnight.

  • Carry an extra outfit

This hack is often overlooked but totally necessary. I can’t tell you how many times I have seen a kid puke or how many poop disasters we have personally had. The ‘what ifs’ are numerous, that’s the reason you should always pack an extra outfit.

Happy Travels!