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Jealousy can absolutely RUIN a relationship. It’s even worse when you’re in your feels about your lover’s past flings and romances. It feels irrational, but it definitely happens!

Wanna get over those jealous feelings? Here are some things to remember when you’re feeling weird about who they’ve been with:

  • You’re not alone — It’s hard NOT to wonder about their past, and they’re probably wondering about yours! Ask them, and don’t assume things!
  • Ask yourself why — Try to pinpoint what exactly makes you feel jealous. Write your feelings down, and evaluate patterns later on!
  • Everyone has a past — You have a romantic past too, remember? Keep that in mind!

Try not to worry or compare yourself to your boo’s past partners, and don’t judge them for their history either. There’s a reason they chose YOU, and there’s a reason the people in the past didn’t work out! LauRen on the Maney Roy & LauRen Morning Show has a fun rule that her and her husband Dallas follows. It’s called PL and PD. PL stands for Pre-LauRen and PD stands for Pre-Dallas. Whatever happened then, certainly doesn’t matter now.

Source: Elite Daily