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It’s a slow comeback but now she’s got 4 wins!


  1. The Internet has been loving the Ryan Reynolds & Hugh Jackson “feud” but it took a sweet turn when Ryan wished Hugh a happy 51st What Marvel character is Ryan known for playing? Deadpool


  1. Justin Timberlake has been working on new music & was even joined by this “Truth Hurts” singer. Who is that? Lizzo


  1. The trailer for Marvelous Mrs Maisel just hit and we absolutely can’t wait. True or false: This is a Netflix series? False – Amazon


  1. The creator of Madea was on Kelly Clarkson & hinted at possibly bringing her back. Who is the creator? Tyler Perry


  1. Tom Cruise was spotted in London with his son, Connor. He & his then-actress wife adopted Connor and his sister, Isabella. Which wife are we talking about? Nicole Kidman