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sad girl sitting alone next to her open laptop

Hanging out by yourself can honestly feel SUPER uncomfortable. Many of us are used to being surrounded by people at work and in our personal lives. For that reason, solitude can come off as scary.

It doesn’t have to be unpleasant all the time. But how can you actually go about learning to enjoy being alone? Here are some things to know about being on your own:

  • Change your perception — Remember that this time isn’t boring, but maybe a time to rest and have a “different” kind of fun!
  • Remember it’s good for you — Being alone teaches you about yourself on a deeper level. Learn how long you can explore solitude, and how it makes you feel!
  • Self-reflection can be fun — Try journaling or self pep talks. Check in with your desires and goals, and keep track of how you progress!

We can all benefit from some alone time every now and again. Use solitude to recharge and refresh yourself. When you return to your outside social life, you’ll feel better than ever!

Source: Bustle