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If you check out pictures from the past month in fashion and you’ll see an old accessory becoming a new trend. It seems glasses chains – yep, like the ones your grandma wears so she doesn’t lose her specs – are in style now.

Street style stars have been spotted recently rocking variations on the look. Some like delicate chains, that are barely noticeable, while others opt for thick, lucite ones that definitely catch your eye. And then others are putting a young and modern twist on granny glasses chains and wearing whimsical styles covered in bright colored stars.

As for HOW you wear them, there are options there too. You can wear them behind your neck in the classic glasses chain style, or just dangling in front, like a hat strap. Some fashionistas are even wrapping the glasses chain around their necks a few times, for a fresh way to style them. And they actually make this old school accessory look cool.

Source: Cosmopolitan