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This weekend is baby Cash’s birthday although he’s not that little anymore, and I probably shouldn’t call him “baby”. But you know what? He will be my baby until we have another baby! (No we’re not pregnant).

Cashton will be 3 on October 12. So this weekend I’m going to create a DIY paw patrol inspired balloon garland backdrop for his birthday party. Now, I am well aware I am probably over my head here but I’m gonna give it a shot! Here is my plan of attack.

The basic materials you would need are

  • The Balloon Buddy (Electronic Air Inflation for Latex Balloons)
  • 15 Navy Blue Balloons (9” and 12”)
  • 26 baby Blue Balloons (9” and 12”)
  • 28 Red Balloons (9” and 12”)
  • 40 White Balloons (9” and 12”)
  • 19 Yellow Balloons (9” and 12”)
  • 16 small 7” yellow, red, and blue balloons
  • 1 pack of 12 red, yellow, and blue polka dot balloons 12”
  • 1-inch clear tape
  • 700 yards long thumb tacks
  • 10lb fishing line
  • Roll of ribbon

So the first step is to inflate the balloons using The Balloon Buddy (Electronic Air Inflation for Latex Balloons). I would highly recommend that you make use of electronic air inflation otherwise, you will probably pass out! After inflating each balloon, slightly press it against your tummy while releasing air from the balloon at the same time to give it a round shape.

When you have inflated air into two balloons of different colors, twist and knot them together. You can knot them in a group of two and reserve some single balloons to fill spaces. The balloons don’t have to be of the same size, it’s best if there is a variation in the sizes.

To start the garland, use your fishing line to double knot a pair of balloons, and then add another pair of balloons to it. All you need to do at this point is to wrap your fishing line around the group of paired balloons and keep adding more pairs of balloons to create the garland.

After doing that, you can attach your garland to the wall using long thumbtacks, clear tape, and ribbon. Tie the ribbon around the garland and knot it then use clear tape to adhere the garland to the wall, also use long thumbtacks to make it secure. Repeat the process at an interval of 2-3 feet of the garland.

Garlands are supposed to be thicker at the bottom like a tree trunk, so add more balloons to the base to give it thickness and use the small-sized balloons at the top. The final step is to fill the gaps of the garland by attaching the single balloons to fill the gap.

In total, I’m told it takes about 1-2 hours to create and the end result is always a WOW factor. Who knows how this will go? I’ll keep you posted.