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Ten years ago, we all watched Jim & Pam tie the knot on a boat at Niagara Falls on “The Office.” Or…if you’re me, you watched it in September of 2019 because I had never seen “The Office” before. Don’t worry, I’m ashamed to admit that and now just a few short months later I’m already on Season 8 because that’s how good it is.

The amazing Twitterverse celebrated the on-screen couple’s 10th anniversary.


Show creators chose to celebrate their 10th anniversary in a different way. They revealed that the show could’ve ended way differently. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, director Paul Feig says that Pam’s bad news ex Roy was originally going to ride into the church on a horse and object their nuptials. Executive Producer Greg Daniels was actually the one stuck on the horse idea and also presented an idea for Rainn Wilson (Dwight) to get the horse and ride it into the falls.

Craazzzy, right!?