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“We’re Lit!” “Lemme ask bae…” and “leg go” are popular slang words you hear these days… But did you know that slang has been around going back centuries?

24/7 Wall Street has come out with a list of once-popular slang words and phrases that no one uses anymore, and if you are, you may be older than you think. Here’s a couple of examples.

  • Gadzooks (17th Century) – An expression of surprise or annoyance.
  • Bumper (17th Century) – A generous glass of an alcoholic rink.
  • Fandangle (19th Century) – A useless or purely ornamental thing.
  • Coxcomb (16th Century) – A vain and conceited man, or dandy.
  • Buss (16th Century) – A kiss.
  • Floppy Disc (20th Century) – Used for data storage from the mid-1970s up.