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We may be looking at the future of the bar business in Saint Louis, Missouri. It plans on charging patrons by the hour and not by the drink.

Those that enter the doors can sign in for bar time using their cellphone. The cost is $10 an hour for premium drinks and $20 for top-shelf ones. You can stay as long as you like.

One of the owners of the bar got the idea when he was running for local office. He would often hold fundraising events and charge admission to have an open bar. It was a profitable business model.

A few safety measures have been installed as well, so patrons aren’t over-served. A bar app keeps tabs on patrons’ intake and the system scans a driver’s license for height and weight to develop a number of drinks an hour to keep the patron within legal limits.

When I was in NYC I noticed that bottomless brunches were a major thing. Every restaurant had them. So if that concept is so successful, this extension will perform very well and I anticipate we will have a lot more bars rolling these deals out.

Source: AJC