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We love “The Office” for its memorable lines, hilarious pranks, and those unforgettable relationships. The show is full of both healthy and unhealthy romances, just like real life. Insider asked therapist Matt Lundquistwhat we can learn from the couples on the show and he recommends these relationship lessons.

  • Being friends first can sometimes lead to a strong and healthy romantic relationship – Just look at Jim and Pam. They were friends first and that made their relationship stronger down the road.
  • When a relationship is kept hidden, it can be really difficult for a couple to thrive in a healthy way – Angela and Dwight proved this better than anyone. They worked it out in the end but could’ve been happier sooner if they’d been open about their romance from the start.
  • Dating a coworker can be complicated and unhealthy, especially if there’s a big power imbalance – Jan and Michael were in this situation and they had one of the more unhealthy relationships on the show. She was his boss and held her power over him, even in their private life.
  • Cheating can be painful and harmful for everyone involved – Remember when Angela married The Senator and then he had an affair with Oscar? That shows cheating rarely ends well and comes with a lot of consequences.
  • But it IS possible to have a healthy relationship with a coworker – Like Michael and Holly’s work romance. It wasn’t secretive, didn’t have an imbalance of power and they got their happy ending.

Source: Insider