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Taking a flight but don’t wanna pay high cocktail prices for your favorite drink? Then this is something you gotta throw in your carry on! (Just don’t broadcast it to the flight attendant).

After asking for a cup of ice, sneak out your  ‘Carry On Cocktail Kit’ in the old-fashioned flavor, open it and pour three dashes of aromatic bitter and one stick of cane sugar into the empty rock glass, add your bourbon and stir. In less than 2 minutes you can make your favorite cocktail!  Then kickback with your drink and enjoy the latest edition of vogue magazine.

That will definitely be your scenario when you get yourself a Carry On Cocktail Kit. There are different flavors of the Carry On Cocktail Kit such as Old Fashioned, The Moscow Mule, The Gin & Tonic, The Bloody Mary, and The Champagne Cocktail.

Each kit comes with different high-quality ingredients that range from fresh citrus to pure cane sugar and premium spices. The ingredients are things you’ll find at the world’s best bars.

The Carry On Cocktail Kit contains everything you would need to make not one but two of your favorite cocktails. It is extremely great for a round-trip flight; all you need to do is to carry on your kit. It comes in handy when you’re also on the go on the ground!