Yo! Gonna be telling you a bit about me. My name is Steffan Mold, I’m one of the Fall 2019 interns for Beasley Media Group. I hope you’re comfy because it’s gonna be a bit of a read.


I am a graduate of the Connecticut School of Broadcasting, originally thinking I was going into filmography, but dropped it in favor of radio related work, including broadcasting, editing, scriptwriting and reading for commercials, skits, and voice acting. I work part-time while I build my portfolio and work at my internship. When I’m not doing any of that, I’m blowing off steam by either playing games or sleeping. For the most part, I’m just trying to get my life straight before I put myself into 4th Gear.

Here’s What I’m Bringing to the Table:

The station has given me the opportunity to show off my voice by making a podcast of my choosing. The choice I made, I wanted to talk about one thing I think I pretty knowledgeable about League of Legends. One of my favorite video games, that I’ve been playing since 2014. I feel it’s important to not only talk about a game I personally enjoy but to open the eyes of people who are not completely aware of the world we live in now. Nerd culture is slowly taking its hold and is being more and more socially accepted by more and more people, Don’t think so, I can prove you wrong with one word: MARVEL. I’m a really passionate gamer, and even if games are not your thing, I think you should be aware of how important games are especially League.

On the side, I also like to write comedy scripts and animate them, because I also enjoy voice acting (long term goal).

If you wanna check out what I do:

Here are my social media that I use

Twitter: @DeadWilson

YouTube: MrDeadWilson

Twitch: MrDeadWilson

League of Legends: MrDeadWilson