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Australian author Kaz Cooke is out with the new book, “Up the Duff 2020 Edition,” an update to her bestselling pregnancy guide. She understands that people love to give unsolicited advice to pregnant women and she has some good suggestions for avoiding the dreaded pregnancy belly touching. Here are a few pointers on dealing with the inappropriate:

  • How to repel the tummy touchers – Unless you’ve been pregnant you may not realize how often total strangers will want to touch your belly. People you know and love may want to do it too, but it’s far less creepy. Here’s how to cope when it happens:
    • If they ask, “Do you mind if I touch your stomach?” you can say, “I’d rather you didn’t, thanks for asking.”
    • If they reach out, stop their hand before it makes contact and say firmly, “Please don’t touch me. It makes me uncomfortable.”
    • If they get their hand on you without warning, step back or, if necessary, gently and firmly take their hand and use the same words above.
    • If they do it again, you may say, “Touch me again and I will break a chair over your head and blame it on hormones.” Whether or not you smile when you say it is totally up to you.


Source: Whimn