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Since we’re youngins, we can still get away with making those crazy mistakes when it comes to our boos and worrying about the repercussions later. Too bad, they’ll always come back to haunt us.

Here are some examples:

  • Mild stalking – Because you did a little Facebook stalking, you found out that some chick kept tagging him and saying how cute he was. When you confronted him, he told you it was his big sis. Boy did you look stupid!
  • Damaging his belongings – So he cheated with his ex and you decide to burn everything he owned “Left Eye Style.” You almost killed him when you burned down the house and ended up in jail. Good luck with explaining that on your next job interview.
  • Getting engaged too quickly and often – You just knew ya’ll were meant to be together forever. Because you didn’t sign that prenup, it’s time to split everything in half for the divorce. No more lavish summer trips.
  • Dating a lot in your industry – Everyone knows everyone you date. We all work and network in the same group, and you know how everyone talks. Maybe try dating outside the workplace?
  • Getting into Financial entanglements – You guys were “so in love” that you bought a car together. Now you’ve gone your separate ways, he took the car, and you’re stuck with the payments.
  • Cheating – Dating her best friend was only good for the moment because now…she’s your boss. It’s funny how the tables turn, huh?

Source: Madame Noire