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Welcome back to my corner! My name is Olivia Bucco, I am the Fall 2019 Digital Content Intern for Beasley Media Group. This morning I was able to shadow Cameron Moore in the Kiss 95.1 studio!

Chances are if you live in the Charlotte area you have listened to Cameron’s upbeat midday show quite a few times. I had the opportunity to see hands-on how she prepares for her show, in addition to learning numerous behind the scenes tasks.

Cameron began her journey as a daytime on-air talent and now also oversees the magic behind the scenes for both Kiss 95.1 and Country 103.7. When she is not in the studio, you can find her frequently writing new blog posts from her desk. Cameron emphasized the importance of preparing at least a few days ahead of time to get a good flow going. We discussed topics she finds to be interesting in contrast to what listeners like to see and hear.

Cameron’s passion for radio was highly detectable as she took me through her daily routine. I learned what it means to be an on-air personality as well as be in control of the operating system. Cameron runs her show as an individual host, sometimes finding it hard to fill the show with ideas to keep the pace going. I can tell you first hand that there was no hesitation here, she never missed a beat. Cameron described the show as “fast-paced” and that was clear, as she was constantly preparing for what’s to come.

She was very quick to answer any questions I had and as well as firing many right back at me. We talked for hours about all the research and preparation that goes behind the music that plays on each station. Cameron even let me choose a few songs for the “Hot Seven at Seven.”

My Perspective:

Going into the day I was nervous, unsure of what to expect, this was my first shadowing here. From the moment I entered Cameron’s office, all of those nerves went away. She made me feel comfortable and answered all my crazy questions. Cameron was interested in getting to know me and learning my goals for the future. We talked for a while about entering the workforce as a young adult and her experience working her way up so quickly. Cameron reassured me that getting your foot in the door is the first step to success. I enjoyed my time with Cameron and I am very thankful to have had the opportunity to shadow such an amazing part Beasley Media Group.

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