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It’s not spring season but once in a while, a deep house cleaning is necessary. If you’re the type who doesn’t like to do a serious floor mopping or to bend over while mopping, then this microfiber slipper was designed for you. When you are too lazy to mop the floor, just slide your feet in these slippers, then watch the magic happen as you walk around your house.

The bottom of the slipper has microfiber fingers that pick up hair, dust, and dirt like a mop. The microfiber cleaning slippers are suitable for cleaning wood, tile, and vinyl floors. You can just clean your floor without bending over, by simply wearing the microfiber cleaning slippers. You would be Walking-mopping.

It is a unisex slipper, therefore ladies and men can purchase it. The shoe sizes for ladies are 7 to 10 while the shoe sizes for men are 5 to 8.

This slipper is perfect for a lazy day mopping, you can just do a walking-mopping.