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It seems as if most things for women cost more than they do for men. Everything from razors, shampoo, soaps, and even the same plain white shirt. Why so?  is it because they know women will pay more? That debate is still out. But, people are starting to become so vocal about the unfairness. Not only are the basic things expensive for women, but so is dry cleaning. Why could that be? Does it take a special feminine cleaning solution to clean a woman’s shirt than a man? 

One woman argued that having a shirt “laundered and clean and pressed” does not exist for women and that is why they are being charged more than for men. Despite the price women are paying for the dry cleaners, it’s been argued that women pay more for their products because they enter the country on a higher import tax. This topic is becoming more evident as the years go on, the only way we can change the way it is, is to speak up and make a difference!

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