Tekashi69 doesn’t want to be placed in a witness protection program. TMZ reports that the rapper has said that a 24-7 security team is okay by him.

Tekashi’s federal trial took place over three days this week and wraps up on Thursday (Sept. 26) where prosecutors and defense attorneys will present their closing arguments.

Although Tekashi pointed out and named names regarding members of his old gang and even singled out other celebrities, sources close to the infamous rapper said that he will forgo participating in a witness protection program. He prefers fame.

Many speculate that a decision as such would possibly be a death wish considering how many people he named during his testimony. However, Tekashi wants to make new music and believes that he can pick up his career as an artist where he left off.

While on the stand, Tekashi claimed that he believes that he’ll be out as early as next year. He’s was facing a minimum sentence of 47 years before the rapper agreed to fully cooperate with the feds.


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