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Anyone who travels a lot knows that you can’t bring anything you want in your carry-on luggage. Of course, you can’t get through security with more than 3.4 ounces of liquid, and weapons of any kind are prohibited, but there are also some forbidden items you may not be aware of.

Well, “Huffington Post” perused the “What Can I Bring?” page of the TSA website, and found some very interesting items that are a no-no, so you may want to take note before packing your next carry-on bag.

Little known forbidden carry-on items include:

  • Magic 8-Balls – Likely due to the liquid inside.
  • Foam toy swords – They’re okay for your checked back though.
  • Fertilizer – A no-no for carry-ons and checked bags, due to risk of explosion.
  • Bowling pins – They fall into the category of “sports equipment that can be used as a bludgeon.”
  • Cast-iron cookware – It’s heavy and can be used as a dangerous weapon.
  • English Christmas crackers – As in fire crackers, not food, probably because of the the “tiny amount of gunpowder lining the inside,” that causes the bang when they’re pulled apart.
  • Gel heating pads – This has to do with the liquid rule, although electric heating pads are okay.
  • Cooking spray – It’s considered an aerosol, which isn’t allowed in the cabin or checked luggage either.
  • Larger snow globes – It’s a liquid thing again. If they appear to have less than 3.4 ounces of liquid they’re okay.

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