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Do you ever wonder when got hooked on your brands of coffee? Now that the holidays are coming up we’ll see flavors like pumpkin spice latte. My friend Zoey is crazy about grande, which is a medium at Starbucks, it’s almost 400 calories in the grandees. If we want to hang on to our summer figures, is there a way to order it healthier? Of course! When you order the pumpkin spice latte, ask for nonfat milk and no whipped cream. Just by getting nonfat milk reduces the calories by almost 200! There’s more than one way to order a healthy pumpkin spice latte. Here’s how to order the drink another way: Grande Caffe Misto with almond milk, 1 pump of pumpkin syrup, and 1 pump of sugar-free cinnamon dolce. That has one only has 14 grams of carbs and 3.4grams of fat. You can be healthy and still enjoy all of your fall favorites! Happy Fall!

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