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Cam Newton can’t seem to catch a break from the news. People either want to talk about what he’s wearing or how he’s playing. He’s a 30-year-old dude who is worth 45 million and makes over 21 million yearly. Let the guy be who he wants to be. He gives back to the Charlotte community & what he wears shouldn’t affect us. How he plays…that’s a different story. He’s our quarterback, of course, we want him to play well! He did not start last week in Pheonix and will not be starting this week against Houston. Which means Kyle Allen is up. We saw last week that Allen is more than qualified to be a starting quarterback in the NFL. An ideal situation for me? A healthy Cam & a healthy Kyle…two healthy quarterbacks for my Carolina Panthers. Right now we just have a healthy Kyle so he will have my support! Because guess what…you can be a Cam fan AND a Kyle fan at the same time without talking trash about either of them. I’m not the only one supporting Kyle though…so is Cam. He shared a message on his Instagram story last night and the Panthers shared it on their own Instagram.

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A message from Cam #KeepPounding

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If you can’t read that LOL…

“I really appreciate the love, support, & well wishes….. but ummmm; I’m HURT not DEAD! and “FYI” I will support the Panthers & Kyle Allen the best I know how while I’m out! WIN! Which I’m expecting; lose; or draw. KEEP POUDING!”