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Do you like my grilled lamb chops? By now you’ve chosen the perfect cut of meat for the occasion, and it’s time to contemplate a cooking method. Your cooking method will vary depending on the type of meat you have. A steak can be cooked over high direct heat while some chicken would be better off seared and then cooked using an indirect method. Since there are so many different ways to cook your meal, you need to find a cooking device that is flexible, which is why I love using my grill.

If you don’t already have a grill, take some time to do your research first and invest in the best affordable grill you can. Unfortunately, when it comes to grills you really get what you pay for and they can get on the expensive side. This is why research is so important. Don’t pay the extra money for a duel fuel, combination grill, smoker, rotisserie if you know you are never going to use all of the features. That being said, if you want to cook over high heat and have the option to cook low and slow like a a smoker, try to find a grill that can do both. As I have said before, space is at a premium, so any device that can do multiple jobs is worth considering.

First African American, one-woman syndicated radio host in the Southeast region for major broadcast networks. Over the past 23 years my passion and perseverance has lead me to reach and relate to demographics spanning, Sports stations, Country, Hip-hop, R & B, Gospel, Adult Contemporary & Top 40 radio stations. I have a unique way of setting the tone, and people feel comfortable telling their story,