If you’re like me and spend the majority of your day with your eyes glued to a screen, then this is for you.

Charlotte Five has put together a list of ways for us to detach from social media and unwind for a bit:

1. Take a Walk

Charlotte’s extensive greenways offer miles of walkable, scenic trails. The Little Sugar Creek Greenway and the McAlpine Creek Greenway provide a haven for relaxation and wildlife sightings. There’s always the option for a low-key stroll in Freedom Park, along the Rail Trail or around the Lake Loop at the U.S. National Whitewater Center.

2. Grab Coffee With a Friend

Known for its charming nooks, Lincoln’s Haberdashery is the ideal spot to catch up with a friend over coffee prepared with locally-sourced ingredients. Or, pull up a seat in Not Just Coffee and order their mocha latte—you won’t be disappointed. Fun fact: The Dilworth location turns the WiFi off on the weekends and encourages no laptops or devices in the evenings to help guests relax and enjoy the menu.

3. Attend a Yoga Class

Not sure which practice is best for you? Try them all. Charlotte Family Yoga offers gentle, hot, power and slow flow in an environment dedicated to simplicity and acceptance of all skill levels.

4. Get Creative With Your Hands

Instead of creating another executive summary or corporate deck on the computer, prepare something using your good, old-fashioned hands. Pour your own candle in South End at The Candle Bar, then relax with a good book and enjoy your personalized scent. Sip wine and paint at Painting with a Twist or Wine & Design, then hang your masterpiece for all to see. Pro tip: if you and a roommate are going together, plan on using different colors so you don’t decorate with two of the same paintings. If you’re feeling fancy, check out Hot Glass Alley, where you can create glass-blown ornamentation in their new Charlotte studio.

5. Volunteer

Use the time you would’ve spent on your computer giving back to a local cause. Sort donations and engage in crafts at Bright Blessings, assist with administrative tasks, training and animal interaction at the Humane Society of Charlotte or help sort books at Promising Pages.