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FORT MYERS BEACH, FL - AUGUST 19: Karen Pennland walks in the rain and wind from Tropical Storm Fay August 19, 2008 in Fort Myers Beach, Florida. Fay moved inland Tuesday after making landfall in southwest Florida, bringing soaking rains and gusty winds but failing to develop into a hurricane. (Photo by Stephen Morton/Getty Images)

There’s a tropical storm in the Atlantic Ocean and its name is Karen.

Before we get into why Karen is, to some, the funniest possible name, let me be clear…Tropical storms aren’t at all funny. Tropical Storm Karen, which has been described by meteorologists as “disorganized,” is still a threat to lives and property, in Puerto Rico.

But here’s what you may or may not know…For the last three years or so, “Karen” has been social media’s stale, annoyed middle-aged white woman who loves coupons, reverse mullet bobs, and, especially speaking to the manager. The collision of this well-known meme with an incoming storm front has generated funny “Hurricane Memes”

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