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Welcome to my corner. My name is Olivia Bucco, I am the Fall 2019 Digital Content Intern for Beasley Media Group. I could not be any more excited to share this journey with you guys.

Get to Know Me:

I am a senior at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte finishing up a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies with a concentration in Mass Media. My minor is in Journalism and also, I am pursuing an undergraduate certificate in Film Production. I am a member of the UNC Charlotte cheerleading team and the Zeta Gamma chapter of Alpha Delta Pi. I balance two part-time jobs in addition to my internship work. For fun, I love attending cycling classes at CycleBar and filming/editing my YouTube videos. On Sunday’s you can find me in my living room, watching football. I am a huge Carolina Panthers fan. A recent hobby I picked up is film photography, you can follow that journey here.

What to Expect: 

In addition to writing posts for all of the station’s websites, I want to share my perspective on entering the “real world,” as many of my peers would call it. It is perhaps the most confusing period we occur in our lives. With college education becoming more of the “norm,” it creates more competition amongst peers. Seeking a job is hard enough, especially now with so many qualified young people. Those who are lucky enough to find jobs may be stuck in positions they are not comfortable with. I have been an intern for three weeks and it is clear to me that the professional world is nothing like a college campus. A goal of mine is to share with you my experiences and tips as I transition into the workplace. I am grateful for the opportunity to gain experience in writing and shadowing on-air talent this fall.

Keep Up with Me:

I am a big fan of social media, you can follow my social accounts here:

Instagram: @OliviaBucco@FilmByBucco

Twitter: @OliviaBucco

YouTube: Olivia Bucco


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