PENSACOLA, FL - SEPTEMBER 15: Karen Mills uses a sheet to protect her face from the rain September 15, 2004 in Pensacola, Florida. High winds and storm surge forced officials to evacuate the area as it braces for the brunt of the hurricane. (Photo by Stephen Morton/Getty Images)

The National Weather Service has announced that Tropical Storm Karen is headed towards Puerto Rico. Per The New York Times, the storm will bring heavy rain that could cause flash flooding and mudslides. Karen is expected to hit south of the island, where the detrimental Category 5 Hurricane Maria previously hit in 2017.

Hurricane Karen is expected to have winds of 45 miles per hour, but experts expect it to still cause havoc for locals.

Although this is a serious matter, the Internet is the Internet and is getting a kick out of the fact that this hurricane’s name is “Karen.” That name is often associated with memes and jokes relating to a difficult, entitled, middle-aged woman. According to Urban Dictionary, the top definition for “Karen” reads, “mother of three. blonde. owns a volvo. annoying as hell. wears acrylics 24/7. currently at your workplace speaking to your manager.”

Needless to say, Twitter is having a field day over this name choice. Read some of the best tweets below.